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As the Director of the Harvard Study of Adult Development, I am excited to bring our research findings to the public in our new book, The Good Life, which will be available to audiences on January 10, 2023.   We are currently putting the Road Maps for Life Transitions program on hold during this time and look forward to introducing more programs later in 2023.

-Bob Waldinger

The invaluable insights in The Good Life Book emerge from the revealing personal stories of hundreds of participants in the Harvard Study as they were followed year after year for their entire adult lives, and this wisdom is bolstered by research findings from this and many other studies.

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Harvard Study of Adult Development

The Longest Study of Happiness Ever Done

Following thousands of people over eight decades to identify the true drivers of health and happiness, the Harvard Study is a one-of-a-kind window into what helps people thrive.

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Road Maps for Life Transitions

Built on data from the Harvard Study of Adult Development, the Road Maps programs are for those seeking greater satisfaction in life and in their relationships. These programs offer you new insights and the experience of connecting with others around what’s really important, to help you see life with fresh eyes, and embrace life’s inevitable challenges in ways that enhance your well-being.

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For individuals

Invest in what matters most

Ready for positive change? Would you like to participate in a facilitator-guided interactive group experience? Check out our program, which will lead you to a more meaningful and happier life.

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for organizations

Make Our Experience an Advantage for Your Employees — and Customers

We create learning programs that build personal well-being and business success by addressing employee challenges like burnout, retention, lack of connection, and transitions.

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Transform Your Life and Work

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