Road Maps for Life Transitions: For Individuals

Are you going through a major life change? Are you searching for a way forward? What if you had access to tools to take stock of your life and chart a path to greater fulfillment?

Create Your Path to a Happier Life

For the first time, the insights from the Harvard Study of Adult Development — the longest study of adult life ever done — are accessible to everyone at any stage of life. Learn how the Road Maps experience helps you create your unique approach to living a happier and more fulfilling life.

  • Life Stages icon.
    Session 1

    Life Stages

    Where am I in my life, and how does that shape my view of what’s important?

  • Values and Purpose Icon.
    Session 2

    Values and Purpose

    What do I value the most in life, and am I devoting my time and energy to what I care about most?
    Watch Now: Lead a Life of Fulfillment

  • Life Affirming Icon.
    Session 3

    Life-Affirming Relationships

    Who is most important in my life, and how can I take care of those relationships?
    Watch Now: The Secret to a Happy Life

  • Life Transitions.
    Session 4

    Life Transitions

    How have I dealt with major life changes in the past, and how can I best navigate the big transitions that are in my future?
    Watch Now: Big Life Transitions

  • Responding to Challenges icon.
    Session 5

    Responding to Challenges

    Life keeps bringing new challenges. How can I get better at coping with them?
    Watch Now: Lead a More Meaningful Life

Learn what participants are saying about their experience.

We are currently putting the Road Maps Program on hiatus to allow Bob and Marc to focus on their book, The Good Life, coming to markets on January 10, 2023.
We hope to be back with more programs in 2023.

This facilitator-led program — delivered in five sessions — creates an environment where you can reflect openly about your own personal life journey. Learn what is important to you and from others as you create your own pathway to greater fulfillment and happiness.

What Our Participants Are Saying

If you could have a Life GPS to help you clarify where you are and how to navigate your next transition — wouldn’t you jump at the chance?

Learn from the most respected research ever done about how to live a happy and fulfilling life. Guided experience to gain insight and develop specific actions to address opportunities in your life.

Road Maps is about mapping out your life and knowing you have choices. You learn from others — both in the session and through the incredible research.

I think we go through moments asking why am I here? Am I spending time on the right things? Road Maps gave me confidence about the way forward.

The Road Maps experience helped me realize that I have agency — to change the way I see my life and respond to challenges skillfully. It’s possible to learn skills that will make me happier!

Powerful learning experience coupled with a community to help you — the road to imagining new possibilities can be lonely when you travel it alone.

Important time for honest self-reflection about your life — how you are currently living it and how you can make more conscious choices about the future you aspire to live.

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Transform Your Life

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